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Winter Camp presentation video:

simply 1 minute and 27 seconds

/ETC Belgrade 2004 movie:

Maria's take on one of the Eclectic Tech Carnivals (63.2MB, 6min19sec)

Hardware Course:

English: the GC Hardware Course reader
Dutch: de GC Hardware Cursus handleiding
two handouts depicting the inside of a hard disk: 01 and 02
the memory and storage pyramid: Pyramid

Three excellent reports around the topics: electronics industry, environment and labour.
Made by SOMO, the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations, a Dutch NGO:
Corporate social responsibility issues in the ICT hardware manufacturing sector.
Also by SOMO: Critical issues in the mobile phone industry.
And one by Greenpeace: Toxic chemicals in computers.

CSS Course:

Audrey's page of useful links: here
Evolution of a website using CSS: here

Security & Privacy:

PDF handout

Posters from the Skills-from-Scratch weekend 2007 and course in the ASCII 2005:



In considering any new subject, there is frequently a tendency, first, to overrate what we find to be already interesting or remarkable; and, secondly, by a sort of natural reaction, to undervalue the true state of the case, when we do discover that our notions have surpassed those that were really tenable. (Ada Lovelace)