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13 March - 12 April: Participated in the exhibition "Does Not Equal" at w139 on the Warmoestraat in Amsterdam. The Gender Changer Academy Hardware Manual (updated 2015) is part of the literature corner of the collaborative project.


3-7 March: The Genderchangers are one of the 12 participating networks at the Institute of Nework Cultures Winter Camp. [our wintercamp development wiki]
25 january: HTML/CSS (follow-up) workshop with Selena Savic and Tamar Litvak @ Salle Demain (Rotterdam, NL).


7 December: Making a website with HTML/CSS with Sonja van Kerkhoff @ Salle Demain (Rotterdam, NL).
2 December: e-Inclusion Conference Donna was invited to participate in the Gender and Equality session at the European Ministerial e-Inclusion Conference in Vienna. On this page you can also find the slide presentation she made about the Genderchangers and the Eclectic Tech Carnival.
9 November: Desktop Virtualization Software with Donna Metzlar @ Salle Demain (Rotterdam, NL).
23 October: APO33 Donna gave a presentation of the projects she's involved in for Patrice Riemens' residence at APO33 in Nantes, France.
11-21 August: sister0 discussed the working methods of artists using free Software at Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival held at the House of Natural Fiber (HONF), Indonesia.
31 July: Geek Dinner Cape Town, Donna Metzlar was one of the three speakers.
29 July: Cape Linux User Group (CLUG) talk by Donna Metzlar; see her SouthPark portrait and all the others.
25 -31 May: The Eclectic Tech Carnival in Amsterdam.


2 August: Ladyfest Berlin! Build your own website by audrey and Anna.
11-16 July: The Eclectic Tech Carnival in Linz Tons of workshops, performances, and talks by an eclectic bunch of #!/shebangs.
18 may: Ladyfest Wien! Computer Hardware Crash Course by Donna and CSS/HTML workshop by Urska and audrey.

7 may: Publishing workshop (The Gimp, Scribus and Audacity) PLUS another HTML/CSS workshop in Amsterdam.

2 april: HTML/CSS workshop - 8 participants, 2 assistants and the best facilators audrey and Urska.
8 march: IRC march across some channels on the net, in celebration of International Women's Day!
3 March: Introducing E-mail and securing it with encrypting keys and digital signatures. Make the move to Thunderbird, it's the best mail client :)!
24 February: BayArea GC's facilitated a Hardware Crash Course: Fotos.
5 February: Drupal CMS workshop at the Open Doors in Amsterdam.
13-14 January: Skills-from-Scratch weekend in Amsterdam.
The Soldering kits were very generously donated by Steim - Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts.


4 December: Hardware Crash Course at the first Open Doors in De Peper cafe.
18 November: Brussels SysterServer presentation at the Women and Servers project at Inferface3.
4-8 September: Eclectic Tech Carnival in Timisoara, Romania.
9-11 June: Prep Meeting in Rome for the Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC).


Women-Inc. 24-25 September in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Eclectic Tech Carnival 11-16 July in Graz, Austria.
RMLL Libre Software Meeting 5-9 July in Dijon, France.
WTH (What The Hack) 28-31 July in Liempde, The Netherlands.


Eclectic Tech Carnival 11-18 July in Belgrade, Serbia.
European Social Forum 15-17 October in London, UK Hardware Course covered by les Penelopes journalist.
/ETC Prep Meeting 20-22 February in Madrid.
Digitales 20-23 January in Antwerp / Brussels.


N5M (Next 5 Minutes) 11-14 September in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam.
Ladyfest, Computer Hardware Crash Course August 30 in Amsterdam.
Eclectic Tech Carnival 30 June-6 July in Athens, Greece.


Zelig.rc2 9-15 December in Paris, France.
PGA (People's Global Action) 31 August-4 September 2002 in Leiden.
Eclectic Tech Carnival 9-11 August in Pula, Croatia.
H2K2 12-14 July in New York.
Ruckus Tech Tool Camp June in California.
PC Dump Dag Amsterdam. We went as a group of grrls to experience this phenomenon.
Feminist Salon presentation in the Molly, Amsterdam.


Very Cyberfeminist International 13-16 December in Hamburg, Germany
'Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data' exhibition 30 November-13 January in the Edith-Russ Haus fur Medienkunst in Oldenburg, Gemany
Digitales 15-17 Novemeber in Brussels, Belgium.
Plug 'n Politix 5-7 October Zurich, Switzerland.
Tech2 17-25 August 2001 in Bristol, UK.
HAL (Hackers At Large) 9-12 August in Enschede, The Netherlands.


Hardware Workshop tryout at the PUSCII in Utrecht.


That's the way things come clear. All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along. (Madeleine L'Engle)