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close to home

ASCII Amsterdam Subversive Cafe for Information Interchange: the place where it all began.
Eclectic Tech Carnival An annual gathering of women interested in technology.
Syster Server A server run by only women - to teach and learn sysadmin skills and to host women's mailing lists and websites.
Girl Geek Dinners Amsterdam Quarterly get-together centred around an Amazing female speaker and a buffet dinner and drinks. Real-life social networking of women interested in technology in the Amstel river delta area.

other women's tech projects

In Tasmania Miss Despoinas Hackspace Hobart.
Ex Grp Grrl goes solo What used to be, and now is so.
Samedies The Saturday Club, of femimist server admins in Brussel.
Birosca A women's server project in Brazil.
Ada-online French-Dutch website from Belgium. The best information on women and technology I've ever read online.
g2g A diverse group of women in Brazil rethinking, among other things, gender and technology.
Feramenta: Italian women's tech group. "Ferramenta" means "hardware" in Italian. In Rome people pronounce it with just one "r"; this results in two words "fera" and "menta" which in slang (roma) would mean "proud female mind".
Haecksen A German group of female techies started in 1988. They meet every year at the Chaos Communication Congress.

role models

Ellen Spertus Sexiest Geek Alive 2001.
Self-portrait video Ellen Spertus' self-portrait video for Sexiest Geek Alive 2001 competition. Note how on the page they mention there are "No matching videos"!
Jude Milhon Jude Milhon aka St. Jude.
1995 Wired interview Jude Milhon Jude Milhon interviewed by Rosie Cross for Wired magazine.
Girls Need Modems Sticker of 'Girls Need Modems'.
LadyAda Limor Fried, hardware hacker and lead behind the successful open source hardware company Adafruit Industries!
Gina Trapani Founder of; programmer and writer - comes up with the coolest tech tweaks and hacks. Her blog posts are often highly rated on Digg.
Daphne Oram Credited with the one of the earliest forms of electronic sound synthesis.

for women software developers

Debian Women Mailing list archive archive starts June 2004.
DevChix A group of women developers; lots of blogs.
Gnome Women Mailing list archive starts August 2005.
KDE Women Mailing list archive starts November 2000.
Apache Women Mailing list archive starts June 2005.

women in the user community

Ubuntu Women The Ubuntu distribution is known for it's goal to be the "human" distribution: a lot of attention is given towards usability by everyone, not only computer experts. Started in February 2006.
Fedora Women The Fedora distribution is Red Hat's "free" version. Started in July 2006.
Linux Chix Founded in 1999 with the aim of "supporting women in Linux."


Women in Free/Open Source Software Development by Hanna M. Wallach of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2010.
The Women of Station X Oral histories of the women of Bletchley Park, WWII.
Ten easy ways to attract women to your free software project Terry Hancock 22 September 2008.
Motivating Programming: using storytelling to make computer programming attractive to middle school girls Caitlin Kelleher's PhD thesis November 2006.
HOWTO Encourage Women in LINUX Val Henson - 29 October 2002.
Gender: Integrated Report of Findings University of Cambridge - 1 March 2006.
Gender Dimensions of FLOSS Development Yuwei Lin - 23 November 2005.
Gender and Open Source Clancy Ratliff - 2 August 2005.
Response to Clancy Ratcliff's article "Gender and Open Source" mihmo - 21 August 2005.
Getting in touch with the feminine side of open source Jay Lyman - 8 August 2005.
Social software: fiction, action-at-a-distance and dolls Nancy Mauro-Flude - 19 April 2006.
SCALE 5X: Women in Open Source Reporting on a mini-conference - 10 February 2007.
Article on Lisa Hoover - 11 October 2006.


Women in the World of Computing A page on a hosting site, seemingly not affiliated to any organisation or person, quite a serendipitous find :)!
Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts A site and book with techie flow diagrams.
Geek Feminism Wiki A wiki collecting various geek feminist topics.
Geek Speakr A site listing Female Geek Speakers for your Geek Dinner or conference.
Mai State Zitte - Women who never shut up A collective of feminists in Milan, Italy who are giving computer courses as well as campaigning for women's right to have abortions and use the morning-after pill.
Donestech Group of womyn in Spain disentangling themselves from technology.
Technedonne Italian feminists tackling the gender divide in ICT.
APCWomen APC Women's networking support program, for social change and women's empowerment, through the use of ICT's. A CMS for ICT advocates and policy makers, specifically with regard to gender.
WikiChix For female wiki editors to discuss issues of gender bias in wikis.
Take Back the Tech Action for violence against women on the web.
UpStage Web-based real-time theatre project co-ordinated by a very versatile artist and Gender Changer ;-).
Old Boys Network Cyberfeminists.
Systers A community for technical women in computing that began in 1987 as a small mailing list for women in "systems". It was founded by Anita Borg and is a program of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology.
The ADA Project The goal of TAP is to provide a central location through which these resources can be "tapped".
WITT Project Women in IT in and around south-east Europe.
Gnurias A group of academic women in Brasil, promoting Free Software.
GraceNet Their DISGRACEFUL AWARD IN ADVERTISING sounds cool: "We target companies that are particularly damaging to the image of women."
TechNixen A German network for women who are active in different ranges of the computer engineering.
Indymedia, aka IMC. A world-wide network of independent media collectives.
Clean Computers Campaign Attention to re-use and recycling of gadgets.
Good Electronics An international network on human rights and sustainable production in the electronics industry.
MakeITFair Campaign asking companies to take responsibility for the labour abuses and environmental damage at the bottom of their supply chain.
Computer History Museum Established in 1996; situated in the Silicon Valley, California.


The really good idea is always traceable back quite a long way, often to a not very good idea which sparked off another idea that was only slightly better, which somebody else misunderstood in such a way that they then said something which was really rather interesting. (John Cleese)