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Eclectic Tech Carnival

The Eclectic Tech Carnival started off as a Genderchangers-On-The-Road event but it grew into a project of it's own.

The /ETC, as it is also known, is an international event, every year in a new place where there is an interest in having it. The Genderchangers "open doors" and "skills from scratch" happenings recur every week or month in a specific spot like for example the ASCII or Peper Cafe or Volkskrantgebouw in Amsterdam. The one local, the other global but they both consist of a combination of tech skill sharing and networking among women.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the evolution is that the group of women that initiated the project were nearly all not originally from Amsterdam: from Canada, Sweden, the UK, South Africa, USA, Germany, Australia and so. Another reason could be that there are not so many of us, but we find each other on the net. And ICT is by definition global and distributed. A network would not be one when contained in a shell.

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